Lurdes Ricketts

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Since Oct 2012

Where's Lulu???

Got an itch to dance???


This week 09/12/16


Tues : Bloomfield Park, Cerritos 5:30pm

           (New!!!) Thurs: Innovations Dance Academy, Cypress 7:30pm



That's right! We've got a new studio spot to get our groove on! Check my class schedule for the new Innovations Dance Academy times!!!


You wanted more Zumba so we are working feverishly to get it to you! Make sure you come and support. The only workout you'll regret is the one you didn't do!

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.